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Get Impeccable CFA Piling Services Near Northern Beaches From Sydney Piling!

CFA piling is created by first drilling into the ground with a continuous flight auger (CFA). Cement-sand grout or concrete is then inserted through the auger’s void stem as it is removed, pressurizing the hole to stop the wall from collapsing. A reinforcing cage is then hauled down centrally into the concrete pile or liquid grout. CFA piling offers a rigid solution for tackling vibrations on sensitive sites. The term CFA (continuous flight auger) expresses the attachment that is used to drill and install this type of pile. They are a non-displacement pile and are most convenient for granular or stratified soil types. CFA piling is generally used in foundation piling. For maintaining wall applications, the CFA technique is used to install soldier, secant, or continuous piles. To form a retaining wall, continuous piles which are a series of CFA piles are installed with little to no gap between consecutive piles.

Sydney Piling is a hand-piling and underpinning foundation specialist. Located near the Northern Beaches, we have an excellent team that takes on a variety of projects and tasks. From home extensions to new residential builds to big commercial buildings, our team can take different challenges. We have over twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry, and we have now gathered all the expertise and knowledge for all types of foundation work. We have built our reputation based on our proficiency in meeting the extreme standards of each project, and this is reflected in our list of clients.

We are fully insured and we have a current building license. We possess the knowledge and skills to execute a wide range of projects, which is mirrored in our partnerships with architects, engineers, builders and homeowners. We can install all types of continuous and non-continuous banks with steel support for the construction of underground garages, basements, retaining walls/foundations or pools. All our work is conducted with high precision and meticulously without disturbance by strong vibrations, noise, or heavy machine drilling, risking the structure of the surrounding.

CFA pilings can be installed with negligible vibration around sensitive buildings as opposed to driven retention or foundation piles.


We are hand piling & underpinning specialists

The advantages of CFA piling are as follows:

Negligible ground disturbance: CFA piling is non-displacement which brings about negligible ground disturbance and minimal vibration, offering a distinct benefit over driven piling alternatives.

Versatility: CFA piling has diverse applications from continuous, secant and soldier pile maintaining walls to foundation piles. This CFA technique can be used in a large variety of soil conditions and is not compromised by the existence of groundwater.

Let's discuss some reasons for you to hire us for your CFA piling near the Northern Beaches.

  • A professional and credible piling company like ours will help you in making your construction area look flawless. We consider each and every detail and hence we cover all the flaws cleverly. We also have a clear notion about the types of soil that can be affected by moisture and how deep the materials can be loaded.

  • As professional CFA piling contractors, we ensure we provide the most exceptional quality materials.

  • We help in protecting your entire property and safeguard it from facing any type of damage.

Contact us at 0421 553 339 for CFA piling near Northern beaches.

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